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Oak Island Tour


Let us take you on an adventure to the mysterious treasure island and the story of its curse and connections to 15th century pirates and perhaps a connection to the Christi Templique Salomonici Or what is commonly known as the Order of Solomon's Temple, the Knights Templar or simply the Templars. History and scenic beauty await you.




Leaving Halifax from your hotel, we offer a guided driving tour of the historic city of Halifax, taking into view: Historic properties; Halifax Harbour; the site of the 1917 Halifax Explosion; Halifax Citadel; the Titanic Cemetery and the Public Gardens. 

Leaving the city behind us, we'll follow a scenic route known as the "Lighthouse Route" which meanders along the South Shore of Nova Scotia. As the name suggests, look for charming lighthouses along the rugged shoreline and peninsulas to arrive at Oak Island, the mysterious treasure island


One can only wonder what would have happened if young Daniel McGinnis had chosen to go exploring somewhere else on that fateful day in the summer of 1795. If he had, perhaps nobody else would have walked the woods on the eastern end of Oak Island for the next ten years Stories that the Captain Kidd had buried a treasure hoard on an island "east of Boston" had been circulating since the 1600's. Legend had it that a dying sailor in the New England Colonies confessed to being a part of Kidd's notorious crew, but he never named an exact location for the hidden booty. 


The island McGinnis, Smith and Vaughan were on was one of 300 small isles in the Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was peanut-shaped and about three-quarters of a mile long and 1,000 feet wide, and what we know as Oak Island.


We’ll tell you the tales as we get to the island and we’ll pass you over to our friends at Oak Island tours owned in part by the television production and the island owner for a private tour  and after allow for some time to visit the on site Interpretation Centre before breaking for lunch.



Enjoying Lunch at the Oak Island Inn on us! , Locally Imagined, Seasonally Inspired, Classically Crafted is our culinary philosophy at Oak Island Resort and Conference Centre. La Vista Dining Room is your relaxed yet refined dining experience overlooking the spectacular Atlantic Ocean. Whether eating in or al fresco on our large outdoor patio with views, the food will always be delicious and their service will always be friendly; it’s the east coast way.

After lunch, time permitting we can travel briefly further down the south shore before taking the NS 103 Highway for and expedited trip back to Halifax. Perhaps we can take the time for a picture opportunity with one of the most iconic views in Nova Scotia; The Three Churches, located in the picturesque seaside community of Mahone Bay.





For you and yours Blue Diamond Tours will provide a print of the early history of Oak Island to remind you of your adventures in Nova Scotia and the legend of Oak Island.


This Private Pre-Booked excursion tour is fully narrated by your guide and will take an estimated 7.0 hours (+/-) to complete.

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