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Port: Halifax





Diefenbunker Tour 








Leaving Halifax we'll head for Truro, Known as the “Hub of Nova Scotia”, Truro’s size, central location and historic downtown makes it a popular home-base for exploring the province and the world-renowned tidal phenomena of the Bay of Fundy. 


Our first stop will just outside Truro in Millbrook so we can learn about our 'First Nation's Peoples', the Mi'Kmaq. 



Leaving  Millbrook we’ll take a scenic drive through Truro’s historic downtown is thriving with unique shops and dining. Inglis Street is a popular destination featuring a variety of specialty boutiques, while shops like the Nova Scotia Emporium and the Stanfield’s Factory Outlet are local landmarks downtown.


Given your travel dates and times we may be able to travel to the edge of town to which visitors flock to the Salmon River to view the tidal bore that occurs twice a day as a result of the immense incoming Fundy tide. 


Next, we make our way to the bunker….


Upon arrival we will hand you and yours over to our friends at “Enter the bunker”.

The tour will include several areas, including the room that’s called ‘the forgotten room,’ because it was forgotten when renovations were done. It still includes a bunk bed, lockers and wall storage boxes.


The bunker was used by military and civilian personnel for about 30 years, and includes a large room which held computers. Halon gas stored under the floor could be sent up through vented tiles if a fire broke out in the room.


Visitors can walk through the decontamination area, where people would have been required to shower and strip off clothing if a nuclear attack had occurred. The 63,000-square foot bunker had 49 bedrooms and was designed to house 350 people. It was built with a continuous air flow system that still operates today.

Seven bunkers were built across Canada during the late 1950s-early1960s. They were called Diefenbunkers because they were part of a national defense strategy ordered by John Diefenbaker while he was serving as prime minister. With 64,000 sq/ft of nuclear hardened space there are so many unique and special areas to the bunker. You need to see it to believe it.The bunker tour would run roughly one hour in duration.


Leaving Truro behind we’ll make our way back to Halifax and time permitted on our way back visit the WATSON SMITH & SONS TINSMITH SHOP AND HARDWARE STORE MUSEUM ,  located in Shubenacadie in the Fundy Shore and Annapolis Valley region. In the early 1890s, the property served as a milk can fabrication facility and hardware store. The museum features a tin shop (c 1896), hardware store museum (c 1905–1970), as well as a military display in honour of the veterans who served our country. The museum houses a milk can production display; furnished rooms and clothing from 100 years ago; household goods and farm tools



This Private Pre-Booked excursion tour is fully narrated by your guide and will take an estimated 7.0 hours (+/-) to complete.

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