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Halifax to Lunenburg Tour

Nova Scotia

Port / Departing from : Halifax  
Maximum Persons Per Tour : Six / If your party exceeds six then the appropriate passenger count must be selected to the right before moving on the check out process to dispatch either two luxury grade vans or SUVs and two driver/guides or In the case of larger groups one luxury grade mini-coach.
Customization : As with all our excursions, nothing is fixed and Our tours can be custom-tailored to your interests and we welcome the opportunity to make your tour unique and personal; however, keep timing in mind and the fact that additional time spent at various attractions may affect getting to others.
Admission Fees : All Historic site admission fees included within tour price.


Let us take you on an enchanting journey to the scenic South Shore of Nova Scotia - aptly named by National Geographic as one of the Top 10 Coastal Destinations in the world. We'll explore the rustic charm of Nova Scotia's seacoast while enjoying the modern delights it has to offer.



Our first destination will be Lunenburg and Mahone Bay. Lunenburg was founded in 1753 and Mahone Bay In 1754 In Mahone the first sight to greet you will be the iconic view of three churches – yes, three – which sit side-by-side along the main waterfront of this picturesque town.

There is an excellent photo op near the churches and we will stop there briefly before continuing through town. Excellent coffee shops, bakeries, and boutiques abound along the main street of Mahone bay. It will be tempting to linger there but greater sights await although Depending on timing Mahone Bay may be the destination for lunch.

Lunenburg is our main destination. Lunenburg was settled by Geman and Swiss protestant settlers intended to offset the influence of the original catholic French inhabitants of this area. 

Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage site. While there you may determine if this will be a lunch stop or a walkabout. In either case, you will have a drive-through tour of the interesting sights and a narrated history of Lunenburg.   

At first glance, Lunenburg is a sleepy town. Its harbor waterfront plays host to the renowned Bluenose II schooner, it is also home to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic. The Fisheries museum gives a glimpse into the fishing heritage of Nova Scotia and can be viewed in one hour if you choose. 

The UNESCO designation comes mainly from the preserved and abundant 19th-century architecture that is Old Town Lunenburg.  About 70% of Lunenburg’s homes date from the 18th and 19th centuries you will be fascinated by the choice of colors from that period and the imposing architectural influenced by central European designs. Part of that is a memorable use of black and white that one would not expect. This black and white effect is most evident in the exterior of the 250-year-old St. Johns Anglican Church.

St. Johns is an example of the Gothic Revival style and this lovely church was lost to us by fire on Halloween in 2001. However, community spirit prevailed and the church has been completely restored to its former grandeur. St Johns church is also home to one of the so-called “vinegar Bibles” There is a google project for you.

In Lunenburg You can almost feel yourself in a long dress or a high cravat, strolling gracefully through the streets in ages gone by? You can enhance that feeling by taking a horse-drawn carriage tour of the waterfront and area if you choose. (This horse-drawn carriage option must be prearranged) Lunenburg also offers the finest group of restaurants where Seafood is their specialty and lobster is king. 

Time considered and amount of time taken in Lunenburg and based on your requests we may be able to include a quick visit to Peggy’s Cove on our return route to Halifax. Peggy’s Cove is a fishing village with a preserved lighthouse. It is a place with an ancient prehistoric landscape. Once thought to be created by gods of mythology the landscape is so unique so as to be unforgettable. You really should reserve time to see this natural wonder.

As mentioned above in our itinerary our tours can be custom-tailored to your interests and we welcome the opportunity to make your tour unique and personal; however, keep timing in mind that additional time spent at various attractions may omit or take away from others. There is so much to see and do it can be distracting with regard to time.

For example. Along our route is the site of one of the deepest mysteries in the world, where is and what is the “Oak Island Treasure” It is the subject of a seven-season history channel series where a skilled team is trying to solve the “Oak Island mystery”

One tour offering we have is this destination with a guided boat tour around the island with one of the team members that is working on the TV series. This boat tour takes 1.5 hours and is accompanied by a visit to the artifact viewing area that the crew has created.

You may opt to see this small museum (artifacts, pictures, history, and explanations) rather than one of the other destinations we have detailed here. There is so much to see and do and as we advertise you can customize your tour to suit your preferences and if you need guidance we will be glad to help you fill out your itinerary

The private, pre-booked Halifax to Lunenburg Tour will take approximately 7.0 hours (+/-) and is fully narrated by your driver/guide.

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  • Package Duration: Day Touring
  • Destination: Lunenburg - Mahone Bay - Halifax - Oak Island
Package Price: 575 475
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