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Land of Evangeline Tour

Grand-Pré , Nova Scotia

Port : Halifax 
Maximum Persons Per Tour : Six / If your party exceeds six then a quantity of two must be selected in the cart to dispatch two vehicles and two driver/guides.

Evangeline is the heroine of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie. View the beauty of the Annapolis Valley as you stand on top of North Mountain Ridge's 'The Look-Off'. Explore the town of Wolfville and its dyke system. Discover the sad history of Grand Pré National Historic Site.


We tour through historic Halifax on our way to the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia using Route 101 as our way to the Annapolis Valley. Our first stop will be at Just Us Coffee Roasters, Canada’s first Fair Trade coffee roaster which is near both Wolfville and our next destination, Grand Pré. This will be a coffee/tea and rest/washroom break.


The Grand Pré National Historic Site is most strongly identified with the Deportation of the Acadians by the English in 1755. This site recalls the saddest and heroic moments of the deportation and illustrates for future generations the history of a courageous people whose culture and actions continue to enrich Canada to this day. Our visit will take approximately one hour.


After Grand Pré, we visit the town of Wolfville, home to Acadia University and, at one time, an important prosperous agricultural community. As it is a college town, there are numerous eateries to choose from for lunch. On the edge of the town we’ll find one of the French dykes that you can walk and begin to understand how the Acadians, and later Yorshire emigrants, created such rich and valuable farmland.


The Annapolis Valley is noted world-wide for its fruit trees, particularly apple trees although there are also pear, plum, grape, cherry, and assorted berries and vegetables farmed here as well. It is true the Acadians had apple orchards but it was horticulturalist Charles Ramage Prescott who developed the apple industry in Nova Scotia from 1811 to 1859. Mr. Prescott was responsible for introducing numerous varieties including the Ribston, Northern Spy, Baldwin, and Gravenstein. We’ll visit his former estate at Starr’s Point which is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in Nova Scotia. With your permission, we will include a visit to Mr. Prescott's house known as Acadia Grove, visit the hothouse and grounds - this will take approximately one hour.


Prior to our return dockside, we’ll drive through the lush, agricultural countryside to ‘The Look-Off’ on North Mountain Ridge, home to Glooscap, he of Mi'kmaq legend. On, a clear day, you can see the Bay of Fundy, Grand Pré, Wolfville, Acadia University, and much of the extensive farmland of the Annapolis Valley


Your guide might be able to include a brief visit to Hall's Harbour on the Bay of Fundy -- it was once a pirate's lair – now it’s home to a Bay of Fundy fishing fleet and one of the largest lobster pounds in the world.